A new day元旦英语作文

 作文     |      2020-10-03 13:01

A new day元旦英语作文

Today is the first day of the New Year, the morning of fresh air and sunshine, mother took me to feel the New Year's day outside the atmosphere.

Street vehicle comings and goings, flowing very lively, mother took me to the supermarket to buy things, supermarket bustling, originally people rush to buy New Year gift! My mother said he wanted to buy a toy, I say: "I is the big kid don't car these toys, it would save some money to buy school things," then I will take some learning supplies and a cake billet to do our own cake to celebrate New Year's day.

On the way back to my grandma's I saw many shops, supermarkets in glass written on New Year's day wishes everybody happy, return to my grandma's I took the cake billet and brother in above the text is made. Less than half an hour a nifty bright homemade cake will appear in the present, this is really a happy New Year!

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